Thursday, May 8, 2008


Marriage apparently is the number one thing on my list this month! 3 of my closest friends got married! This girl, is one of my few people I admire! Tiff is the girl that I have looked up to since I could ever remember. We've had so many great laughs cause when we get together our little girls come out and just have giggle fits and most the time we can't stop. I am so happy for her that she got married and coincidently on my parents anniversary April 25! Dallas is perfect for her! I remember the first time I met him they both were super happy and they are just hilarious when they get together! I LOVE YOU GUYS!


My first roommate ever got married this past weekend. That was interesting! Cami looked absolutely STUNNING! But, that shouldn't surprise me! She has always had that unique "Cami" style that not just anybody can pull it off the way she can! I just love her... Cami and Brad looked so happy! They're awesome! Congratulations you two! Thanks for letting me a part of your life :D ... love, the nonsocial gothic roommate :D

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dance Break Studio-Summer Workshop!

If you're interested in a Summer Workshop-Fillmore (delta one coming soon) check out...!