Monday, June 30, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance!

If you have been watching, you know what I'm talking about when Chelsea and Mark did a Hip Hop to "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis! Wow was this dance breathtaking or what? I absolutely LOVE it! By FAR my favorite! Every time I watch it I get cold chills!
Check it out! I promise you won't regret it!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


This is what we really look like :D


So, the end of May my family on my moms side decided we were going on a cruise to ALASKA! WOW! I absolutely love it there! The scenery is breathtaking and the memories that were made are unforgettable.

A few stories behind the pictures...
These pictures were taken on our tour to the RAINFOREST GARDENS IN JUNEAU. Just to let you know, the "kids" (We are what we act) were the youngest and the only perk to this fact is that we didn't have anybody to impress :D haha! so... we went on this little tour in a so-called extended golf cart limo... yeah... about that... lol! anywho... Shanae, my little sister decided to flirt with the tour guide while we were chuggin up a hill in our stretch limo... lets just say, shanae shows no mercy. The poor guy... anyways, we called him RENOROB cause he's from Reno. I know, very original. Check out the pic that shows what Shanae wrote in the comment book.
The Lumberjack Show... YOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO! This show was pretty hilarious. It requires much energy as an audience and was pretty ... I take that back... really entertaining to watch! Shannon and I even got a wood chip awarded to us! :D Go us :D

The boys fishing trip... unfortunately they didn't catch cause apparently it's not salmon season. :D But it looks like to me they had a great time ;)
One morning I woke up to my dad pounding on my door at 7:00 in the a.m. and said that he was going whale watching... this is what i walked upstairs and saw!
A hike to the waterfall and to Mendenhall Glaciers
The train ride in Skagway was the most gorgeous mountainous area I have ever been in. The pictures certainly don't do it pictures and we were there on the most gorgeous day in history the mentioned. I'm such a lucky girl!

Last stop was in Victoria Canada. Can it be fair that I wanna live there? The most quaint, perfect little town. Reminded me a lot like Venice (without the water as streets) I thought it was the most perfect place! Oh! And my cousins rock my face off :D I love them ALL
Ketchikan! This in fact, is my second visit here! I came last August when I got hired to come to a dance camp with UDA. It's a gorgeous little town but quite cold and very unique people and buildings. Lots of totem poles too!

And of course, cruise ships have the best food in the ENTIRE WORLD! Not even kidding :D I loved it... we even had to get dressed up!