Saturday, May 2, 2009

Shanae and her fettish with quimps

I know, you big city folk may think this is utterly disgusting but us small town folk... well... this is just an everyday life occurance! Especially with my 17 year-old sister and her friend! I was driving by and found these two out in the field drowning these quimps out of their holes and hitting them with the golf clubs...(kinda like bunny bashing) it's really fun! Surprisingly! Shanae and her friends have been out everyday this week looking for more quimps to whack! Good for them! No 6th period so they just hang out in my back yard... that's how exciting life gets in Millard County!!! :D :D :D Congrats you guys! Way to get a life!


Kaylie said...

Shayla! Are you for real?? I love these pictures! .... Ya know what the cop said that stopped when he saw us doing that? "You guys know they have video games for that right??" hahahaha Oh my gosh I love you! How is your belly!?