Friday, April 18, 2008

April 14-18 *One of the best weeks of my life!*

This week has been one of the funnest weeks of my life. I have gotten the chance to chill with some of my roommates. Mostly Alexana Wannahuckalugee and Camille! I'll tell you a little about it with some awesome pics! Monday night came and we found out that FHE was softball and kickball with most of our ward... first thought came to my head was I could hit someone in the head that I despize but... not on purpose. I SUCK at softball and anything that has to do with any ball of some sort! Just ask my little sister Shanae... she is queen and loves to talk me into trying it and then video tapes and it and makes fun of me! You'd think that I wouldn't try again but it just happens over and over. Absolutely no hand-eye coordination. But this isn't just a new development. I remember when I was younger and Shanae would get picked on a team before me and sometimes the "I didn't see you there" line was used quite a bit. I was a sensitive child but now, I'm totally over it! haha.. Anyways, while my ward was playing softball and kickball my roommates and I were chillin on the picnic tables taking random pictures on the windiest day in Cedar City history! Camille and I chest bumped about a million and half times just to get a picture in action! here's how it went...before


Wouldn't you say that we were having a little too much fun!!!???

Anyways, later that night we decided that we were going to go eat at Applebee's. This was one giggle fest. The only way to describe it! "Does Jeff really have titanium shoulder's? I don't get it!" haha! Only the Chop Crew would understand this saying.

Anywho... Another great and marvelous day was yesterday. I started my day out at 9:00 a.m. in the Institute building with Aly! I went to her institute classes with her and I loved my life. It was really really good. We had way too much fun! I got a lot out of them too. We first went to Missionary prep, then onto Book of Mormon. In Book of Mormon, Craig (chop master) didn't see me sitting next to Aly until 15 minutes after he decided to show up! Then, to top it all off he chopped both Aly and I after class and then the teacher came up to shake our hands and couldn't figure out what was going on cause when you are chopped you are "sleeping" and cant do anything until someone else unchops you! After that, we snatched Camille up from our house and went to the St. George LDS Temple to do baptisms. I think the funniest thing that happened there was the workers could not say Foisy for the life of the them... Foggy... Fossy... UGH! HILARIOUS! We decided once a month we were going to go to a temple... Manti, Vegas, and others to do baptisms this summer. I'm way excited for this. This will be my motivation for many many things in my life this summer! I can't wait :D

The end of my amazing week... but who knows how the weekend is going to turn out :D