Thursday, April 10, 2008


My Family, how do I describe them? Lots to say but I'm never good with words! haha! So, here it goes. My dad, Ed. He's a very hard worker and finds humor in everything. He loves to make people laugh and make me feel stupid. For some reason, I shouldn't but I do, I miss that! I mean, I get made fun of down in Cedar but it's just not the same! My mom, she's a worry wart and I'm afraid I'm taking after that gene! She worries about everything and I know it's for the best. She's a service and nonselfish! She never worries about herself. Shandon- aka shanny boy! haha! He's so amazing in so many ways! He can make you laugh by just looking at you! I have to say, he's getting stronger and 18! I can't believe he's heading off to college in August! CRAZY! That means I'm getting old! Shanae... She just makes me smile! She is my bestest friend and I can tell her anything! She's dedicated and talented and has the gift of making friends. She definitely doesn't care what others think of her and that's something I need to work on.
That's it for now!!!

Shanae is a craze for sports.. her love is BASKETBALL! She's absolutely talented in so many ways :D

Same with Shanny Boy, he's amazing at drawing. He's definitely the artsy part of our fam! and he's the goober... lol! he makes me laugh!

Shanny Boy, You're so not cool! haha! JK! I love your awesomeness! haha!

My Cousin Shannon and I are best friends! We're always there for each other! I just LOVE HER!

My Parents and I in the San Diego ZOO!

We Were cute once upon a time!

Shanae and I... BEST FRIENDS! I love her to death! She always lifts my spirits!