Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My fun Teenie Break from LIFE!!!

Well, I had to run to St George and pick up a couple things for my studio and I stopped at my future Sister-in-laws house! (That's so weird to think about) Her name is Kami and she has the cutest family! My ribs are still so sore from laughing my butt off at Adam (her husband) hahahaha!!! Lets just say I have lots of black mail pictures that I'm not allowed to post! Anyways, it mostly was just hanging out and running errands together! I got alot done and I also got the cutest easter dress! :D Go us!!! haha! Anyways, she has the cutest son named Jaxon and he just makes me laugh so hard! He loves hair and technology! Anything with a remote control or buttons! The Olmsteads are the best!!! Just so much fun that I HAVE to go back tomorrow! LOL!